Friday, 25 November 2011

A day of vegan low carbing could look like this.

Breakfast: soy yoghurt with a few tablespoons of ground nuts and fibre in it and maybe a few strawberries or other red fruit.

Lunch: Salad with greens, some seeds, marinated baked tofu strips and an oil-dressing or vegan mayo.

Dinner: Spicy tomato curry with a nice splash of oil, coconut milk, low carb veggies and a decent amount of vegetarian protein like seitan (from wheat gluten), tempeh or anything like that.

Desert: tofu chocolate pudding (this tastes amazing, everybody should try it)

Snacks: nuts, olives, avocado, spicy baked tofu strips, veggies with low carb dip, baked goods made with flax meal, almond meal, wheat gluten, soy flour etc.

That would take you to a daily carb intake of 60-70 grams, not really low, but much lower than what most vegetarians consume.

Plant-based dairy alternatives, such as unsweetened soy milk, soy yoghurt, nut milk and soy cream can be included in a low carb diet, especially since they are often lower in carbs than their dairy counterparts, since they do not contain lactose (a.k.a. milk sugar).

From our new friend in Holland.

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