Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Lowcarb lemon sponge cake.

OK I know what you are thinking, how many more variations can these people come up with on the lowcarb almond flour cakes, plenty for sure. This is a great cake, and served very chilled tastes great on a hot summer night. Add a scoop of lowcarb ice cream, and pour over some double cream, voila, tastes great. Check out the basic recipe here. We added grated lemon peel inside and across the top. We added the juice from a lemon to the wet mix before cooking.

Pork leg steaks with spiced apple stuffing.

A bit of a cheat because the meat was a ready meal from Waitrose. Pork leg steaks with spiced apple stuffing and wrapped in bacon. Carb content. per serving, 7.6 We  served with the pork, some cubed roast celeriac, a mushroom stuffed with cheese and  half a courgette. Total carbs, 10 maybe 15 tops. That's the sort of food that keeps BG in the safe zone.