Friday, 24 February 2012

Braised beef with celeriac dauphinoise and mashed swede.

Ingredients serves two.
400 grams diced braising steak
1 red onion
2 beef stock cubes
Half a medium size Swede
Half a medium size celeriac
Butter, Salt, pepper and mixed herbs to taste

Place diced beef in a casserole dish, cover with roughly chopped onion. Place two stock cubes in a jug and add boiling water. Pour the stock over beef and add salt, pepper and mixed herbs. Cover with lid or foil. Cook at 180c for two hours.
Peel and dice the swede, boil for twenty minutes. Drain off water and mash with lot’s of butter, add a little salt, pepper and dried mixed herbs, to taste. Peel the celeriac and cut into slices. Salt and pepper to taste and cover with double cream. Cook at 180c in an oven proof dish for one hour.
A great meal, very easy and around ten carbs, enjoy !