Friday, 16 December 2011

Lowcarb vegetarian and vegan food ideas.

A quick internet search might lead you to think that low carbers and vegetarians or vegans don’t mix. However, I don’t see why this should be, since there are plenty of foods that can form a balanced low carb vegan diet. In this article you will find suggestions for a low carb menu plan, some nutritional info and a list of low carb vegan foods.
Vegan/vegetarian low carb meal suggestions.


Tofu scramble or omelette/ scrambled eggs or omelette 
Yoghurt with ground nuts and bran and some red fruit 
Hot soy milk with ground nut and bran cereal (beats oatmeal any day)
Smoothie with red fruit 
Slices of nut bread and a cup of hot soy milk cocoa


Low carb bread sandwich with cheese, nut butter or (vegan) mayo and veggies (see link section below for a nice vegan bread recipe)
Salad with lettuce or cabbage, some seeds, spicy tofu or tempeh (or cheese) and a dressing of oil, tahini or mayo.
Vegan kebab or gyros and sauce in a lettuce wrap
Soup with (soy) cream, veggies and protein.
Leftovers from yesterday’s dinner.


Cauliflower or celeriac mashed with cream, sautéed kale and mushrooms, veg*an sausage
Indian curry with coconut milk, veggies and protein 
Stir fried veggies and protein with soy sauce
Baked pumpkin with thyme, celeriac mash and a vegan burger
Seitan veggie stew based on soy flour roux
Vegan meatloaf with veggies and mushroom gravy
Chili with veggies and mincemeat analogue
Shepherd’s pie with vegan meat and mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes
Spinach quiche made with eggs or pureed tofu.
Baked vegetable gratin with cream and/or cheese, vegans can use soy or nut cream mixed with nutritional yeast (like those used in mac & cheese recipes).


Cheesecake (made with cream cheese or pureed nuts and tofu)
Tofu chocolate mousse
Baked goods ( low carb vegan baking ) 


Veggies dipped in pesto, olive tapenade, soy bean hummus or guacamole 
Nuts and seeds

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